Urban Farming for Children

Tulla – Learning Program

12 June 2023 – 13 July 2023
Aplication deadline: 10 June 2023

Intensive course on urban farming for children

Hey kids are you ready for a fun and educational month-long adventure exploring the journey of real food from the ground to our table?
If you are 8 to 11 years old, we are waiting for you at Tulla, at the Urban Farm for Children.

The educational program that we have prepared aims to familiarise children with the life cycle of plants, care for some of the main fruits and vegetables for consumption. During the meetings at our urban farm, professional advice on healthy eating and the importance it has on the quality of life for a developing child will be provided.

This is a pilot educational programme, part of the Tulla – Non-formal Educational Program, focused on farming for urban areas with alternative means.
We extend invitation to all those parents interested in educating their children on the importance of healthy living and eating.


About the Class

The lesson plan is designed for children to get to know more closely:

  • How is the earth formed?
  • What does the seed contain and how is the process of obtaining the seeds from the fruit or flower carried out?
  • Planting seeds and soil preparation.
  • How to take care of the healthy growth of our favorite fruits and vegetables?
  • Vegetables suitable for planting on our balconies.
  • How to prepare food for our plants?
  • Healthy nutrition serves us for healthy development.
  • How does food help us feel good?
  • How to prepare a healthy meal?

The program will be combined with various artistic activities which will be finalized with a “Farm Show” at Tulla – Culture Center.



Ada Shukullari is a Biologist nutritionist who graduated from the Faculty of Natural Sciences Biology.
In 2022, she completed the master’s degree in “Nutrition and health education” at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna.
Between 2008 – 2019 she was an invited lecturer at various universities in Tirana and other cities in Albania for the subject of biology and psycho-physiology in the Faculty of Psychology.
In 2019, she founded the ifoodsteps, a platform dedicated to education about real food and its biology.
Since 2013, she has been part of TEDxTirana as an organizer, a multidisciplinary platform, which she maintains as a reference point for personal and professional development.



The program is designed only for participants between the ages of 8 and 11.
No more than 15 participants will be accepted in this course.
Course fee is: 100 euros


Course length

5 weeks, monday’s and thursday’s.
2 hours per week
Certificate when eligible.



Deadline for sending applications:
10 June 2023
Announcement of the results:
11 June 2023
Course dates:
12 June – 13 July 2023

For more details feel free to contact us at: